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Currently Published Games


3D Platformer

Kubi Adventures 3D Cute Platformer, Smash Enemies Collect Coins and Buy New Cats! Collect Padlock for the Finish Level!



Rufus World is 3D Adventure Based Platformer Game


Physics Based Puzzle

SAM was a laboratory rat, and it has been made experiments on for a long time.
As a result of all these experiments, he gains electro-magnetism powers by accident.

SQ J.jpg

2D Top-Down Shooter

Invasion Waves is 2D Pixelated Top-Down Shooter Game
Our character has to survive in this alien universe! But how far?...


Side Scroller Story Based

Boxerpunk is Story Based 2D Pixel Art Game.
Coming Soon!


Our new games are under development and porting!

We Ported 12+ Games for Consoles in 2021 Q3-Q4!