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Weakfish Publishing on Playstation

Weakfish Publishing on Playstation!

Look At Published Games on Playstation!


Junkman Simulator


23.04.2022 01_05_58.png

Boxerpunk Stories

Side Scroller Story Based

Versiyon4 Screenshot 2022.06.18 -

Coming Soon

Adventure, Platformer

10-5-2021 8_49_10 PM.png

Drift Go

Racing, Drift

5-24-2022 8_57_48 PM-min.png

Rufus World

3D Adventure Platformer

6-15-2022 2_44_16 PM.png

Kartoon Racing

Singleplayer/Multiplayer Racing

Our new games are under development and porting!

We Ported 12+ Games for Consoles in 2021 Q3-Q4!

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